HomeMore Certification Program

HomeMore Partners was founded to provide Certification to all who seek credibility in fixing the homeless issue.   We certify company and organizations based on industry standard criteria.

The yearly fee per organization and company is $1,500.  HomeMore™ will make available at $1.50 per month for both individuals and organizations a unique individual identifier for people seeking affordable housing and homelessness solutions.  Companies will get access to the employee portal to keep track of workers compensation and attendance.


Subscribe to EasyMed™ where you can find the best price for your medical procedure. Enter your procedure and zip code to compare bundled cash pricing for providers in your area. We connect you directly so there is nobody collecting fees or marking up prices.


Subscribe to EHRchain™ to take control of your medical records. EHRchain™ is a blockchain based solution for Electronic Health Records (EHR) where the patient controls the access and handling of their data.  A standard based open protocol allows service providers and payors access on a permission basis without the need to reenter data.   A single version of a person’s medical history leads to a truly personalized approach to medicine.  At all times the patient is able to grant and revoke access to their medical records.  Providers and payors are able to view and understand a patient’s history without having to spend time tracking down the information from separate sources.  The patient controlled access makes the platform both HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

The HomeMore Pledge

  • To provide affordable housing directly and indirectly to people in need
  • Pay a living wage
  • Provide medical benefits
  • Provide and or support mental health counseling to those in need
  • Hire the homeless
HomeMore Yearly Certification Fee

HomeMore Yearly Certification Fee


Subscription Agreement


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